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It starts with our fully guided surgical and digital solution and our exclusive BellaTek® Encode® healing abutment, which can be traditionally impressed or intraorally scanned. From there, you have choices. Patient-specific BellaTek CAD/CAM Abutments and BellaTek Flex & Express Abutments offer total adaptability with screw-retained or cement-retained restorations. The BellaTek Flex Abutment is the Ti-base in the market that offers flexibility of height to perfectly fit any screw-retained restoration.

Welcome to Stress-Free Dentistry with the Zimmer Biomet SmileZ Today Box powered by Implant Concierge, fully customizable and patient specific, simplified via an intuitive ordering and communication platform with the efficiency and predictability of a fully guided workflow. You can now receive everything you need for your single-unit implant cases in one convenient box from surgical protocol and guide, implant, BellaTek Encode Healing Abutment, Surgery-ready provisional and BellaChek with no need to inventory these on-hand. Select only what you need, the solution is customized by you!

Enjoy total confidence, from implant placement to your definitive restoration, and all the steps in-between. A complete digital solution for restorative dentistry. It’s what happens when Zimmer Biomet Dental + U get together.

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