Puros® Particulate Allografts

Therapeutic intervention including Puros Particulate Allografts has been shown to be effective in significantly reducing the clinical signs of peri-implantitis such as crestal bone loss, probing depth, and bleeding on probing.1 Vital bone regenerated with Puros Particulate Allografts have demonstrated excellent stability, both vertically and horizontally, over a long-term period.2

We call it M3thod—a regenerative step with one of the most trusted product families in the industry—Puros Particulate Allografts. Therapeutic intervention including Puros Particulate Allografts has shown successful results in the management of peri-implantitis, reducing the clinical signs of peri-implantitis in the long term.1,3,4 Further, vital bone regenerated with Puros Allografts have demonstrated excellent regeneration, both in terms of quantity and quality, with stable peri-implant crestal bone levels over a long-term (6-year) period.2

From peri-implantitis prevention, to treatment and end-stage revision, we’re your partner in creating beautiful, long-lasting smiles one patient at a time— every time. Better management of peri-implant health for your patients. It’s what happens when Zimmer Biomet Dental + U get together.

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